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2018 Winner of Georgia Straight’s – Best of Vancouver

Every year Vancourites vote in the Georgia Straight’s Best of Vancouver. Getting to the top is no easy feat – there are so many great businesses servicing the community!

This year we received first place as the “Best Notary”. Previously, our category was called:  “Best Lawyer/Notary When Buying/Selling Real Estate”. This is our ninth win!

A big thank you to all of our amazing clients and referral partners, we couldn’t do it without you.

We are fortunate to have an incredible team working behind the scenes to make the magic happen. Read on to find out what they love about their work and as they share their own Best of Vancouver.

David Watts, Notary Public

What I love about my work:

I love making a difference for people. Sometimes it’s the opportunity to go the extra mile and help people get their real estate transaction done despite challenging circumstances and tight timelines. This is where our office really shines and I’m always happy to hear from clients how one of our team has helped them or done some excellent work.

I also really like sitting down with people to help with their Wills. It’s a chance to get to know my clients and help provide comfort around recording their wishes with their planning documents. Wills Clients often say that the process was much easier than they expected and that they feel like a large burden has been lifted. I love it when people tell me how they feel after they’ve worked with us; it’s always very satisfying.

My favourite thing about Vancouver:

What I like most about Vancouver is the proximity to a variety of outdoor activities.  I love being outside. Vancouver has hiking opportunities, great beaches, golf courses, amazing skiing fairly close by at Whistler; trails around Burrard Inlet and False Creeks.  There so much to do; you can find something outside almost always.

It doesn’t hurt if you have good rain gear this time of year!

Clinton Lee, Notary Public

What I love about my work:

Being able to assist the community with legal services that allow them to move forward in life. Whether it’s allowing a minor to travel with a parent to another country through a notarized consent form or assisting first time home buyers in purchasing their first home, the reward comes with the satisfaction of knowing that each person was able to make a positive step in their life through our services.

My favourite thing about Vancouver:

The ability to obtain virtually any type of food you want. Vancouver holds some of the most amazing world cuisines and having it close by brings so many options and opportunities to always be trying something new.

Liana Zhou, Conveyancing Secretary

What I love about my work:

Helping clients to complete their real estate transactions and hearing back their excitement and a massive smile :).

I always feel happy and supported working with our team. When there’s a huge challenge, we are always here for each other and we fix the issues together.

I also love the degree of control and flexibility with my job. If needed, I am able to make perfect arrangements with our team to accommodate any circumstance.

My favourite thing about Vancouver:

The food! We have so much variety.

Besides trying out new foods, I love to walk my dog, Milo, in the parks, exploring new trials, and meeting new furry friends in my days off!

Hanlu (Lulu) Deng, Conveyancing Secretary

What I love about my work:

99% of the time, I bring good news to people – the emotional reward from clients makes me feel happy to work.

Our system is really well designed and I love to complete my work in an effective and efficient system – I get a sense of satisfaction regarding my everyday tasks.

I love our team. There’s no stress working together, everyone supports each other and we face problems as a team. Everyone is willing to help each other.

My favourite thing about Vancouver:

The top of Blackcomb Mountain during winter and Rivendell Retreat Centre in Bowen Island. I love to ski, hike, swim and eat with my family.

Adrienne Voute, Wills and Advance Planning Secretary

What I love about my work:

The legal profession offers people the opportunity to continually learn. I like working hard and developing a skill until I am good enough to help others benefit from it.

My favourite thing about Vancouver:

One place I really enjoyed this summer was the Steveston Country Farms. I went just before the beginning of fall and all the cute farm animals really put me in an autumn mood.  If you go, grab some of their fresh produce before winter comes and they close for the year.

Samantha Lee, Reception & Conveyancing Assistant

What I love about my work:

I love how everyone in our office works to the best of our abilities and genuinely care about the people we work with.

My favourite thing about Vancouver:

I love hiking our mountains and running our trails… give Golden Ears and Burnaby Lake a shot.

Thanks again!

We are grateful that we earned the appreciation of our clients, peers, and friends to win again this year.

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Georgia Straight’s #1 Best of Vancouver – Lawyer/Notary when Buying/Selling Real Estate

Best of Vancouver I have been voted by readers of the Georgia Straight as First Choice – Best of Vancouver – in the category of “Lawyer to Use when Buying or Selling Real Estate”.

I would like to thank all of those who voted for me. To all off my clients; it has been my privilege to work with you to help you buy and sell your homes. I would also like to thank the bankers, realtors; and mortgage brokers I have met over the past 3 and ½ years who have trusted me with your clients. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

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