Statutory Declarations and Affidavits – Oaths and Affirmations

A Statutory Declaration or Affidavit is a document where the person signing is swearing that they understand the facts contained in the document and the contents the document are true. The Notary Public will confirm that you have read the document, you have personal knowledge of the contents of the document, that all statements contained in the document are true, and the Notary Public will give and accept your personal oath, affirmation and promise that you are telling the truth and swear to the accuracy of the document. To sign a false affidavit is the same as lying in court, under oath; this a criminal offence called perjury and for that you could to jail. The date and place of the execution of the Statutory Declaration or Affidavit are recorded and confirmed that this has happened in the presence of the Notary Public. The signed and properly executed Statutory Declaration or Affidavit is evidence to all who come in contact with that document that its contents are sworn under oath and the deponent swears to the truth of the document.

Notarized and Certified True Copies

I examine the original of the document, take a copy, then compare the original with the photocopy. I will examine the photocopy to certify that it is unaltered as a true copy. I mark the date I have examined the document, sign it, and put my Notarial seal on the document. It is better if you bring the photocopies with you. If extensive photocopying is required, there a is charge for this service.