We continue to follow public health and government guidance; together with Worksafe BC requirements for a workplace and industry health and welfare best practices.

If you have a cough or any flu like symptoms; or are in quarantine; please advise us.  We have procedures to sign your documents and we will discuss these over the phone on a case by case basis.  Most times; we will find a way to come to you to sign; meet virtually via Zoom or meet at an outside location where we can maintain physical presence at a safe distance.

When you do attend our office:

    1. Building is locked; Buzz #1412 on the Entryphone.  We will buzz you in to lobby and the elevator will be able to access 14th Floor for a limited time.  Only 2 people in elevator at a time.
    2. Please wear a non-medical mask prior to entering building and keep it on until you leave.  We will ask you to pull it down briefly when we check your identification.
    3. Hand sanitizer is available in lobby of building.  Please use it before entering elevator.  We recommend having it on your hands when you press elevator buttons.
    4. We are scheduling clients to minimize people in our waiting area; please be sure that you are punctual with your meeting time.  You can buzz up 5 minutes prior to your appointment time.  Please do not be early or late.
    5. All meetings by appointment only; no walk-ins; no exceptions.  Phone 604.685.7786 for appointments or book here:
    6. Only those people required to sign documents may attend our office.  Please do not bring anyone with you or any pets.  You may bring an infant who is in a stroller; but no one else.
    7. Please bring your own pens.
    8. Please have documents printed and make sure you have reviewed them thoroughly.  If you have questions; please email us the documents and ask questions by email or over the phone so that when you are physically in our office; it is for a short period and only to show identification, sign and pay.
    9. Payment only accepted by Etransfer, Debit card or exact Cash – no change provided.  Cheque and credit cards not accepted.

We must insist on these new office rules and will require 100% adherence.  If any question or concerns, please phone our office or email [email protected].  Thank you for helping us to re-open; its only on following these procedures that we can remain open for notarization’s.

Statutory Declarations, Affidavits – Oaths and Affirmations

Thank you for finding us, we’re pleased to assist.

Cost for notarization is $60 ($53.57 + GST & PST)) for the first and $20 for additional documents or copies.  For documents with multiple exhibits, we charge $20 per exhibit after and including the 4th exhibit. Email for a specific quote if document to be used outside of Canada, or if it involves signing real estate purchase, sale or mortgage documents.                           

Please make sure to print and bring the documents as well as 2 pieces of unexpired identification, at least one being government issued with a photograph.

Notarized and Certified True Copies

Cost for Certified True Copies of documents is $60 for the first, $20 for additional copies or documents. 

Please make sure to bring the Original documents.  We can make the copies here, or you can bring your own copies if you wish.  If we need to print more than 10 pages, we charge $1.00 per page.


You will need to make an appointment but we can likely get in in today or soon.  We’re open for appointments Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5pm.

Would you like to confirm a time?  During business hours;

  1. Phone 604.685.7786 for appointments,
  2. Book via online calendar here:  or
  3. Use our Contact Us form.