Liana Zhou

Conveyancing Secretary

About Liana Zhou

Liana has been a Conveyancer since 2013.   The thing Liana enjoys most about her role with David Watts Notary Corporation is assisting clients to complete their real estate transactions and hearing back with their excitement and smiles after everything is registered.   Being a Conveyancer allows Liana to be part of helping clients complete their purchases, sales and refinances; and is especially rewarding to see the whole process go through smoothly and efficiently.   When not at work, Liana loves hiking, exploring new trails and taking pictures of beautiful scenery in nature.  

A recent accomplishment that comes to mind for Liana was a rush refinance with many outstanding conditions.  She didn’t receive mortgage instructions until two days before funding.  Our clients had to sign separately.  We managed to prepare the file and have every step done in order and efficiently.  We turned some very anxious clients into happy clients!