How and Why We Efile Real Estate Transfers and Mortgages

To Efile means to electronically file real estate documents with the BC Land Title Office using their “Electronic Filing System” or “EFS”. Some Notary and law offices take the original signed documents, drive them down the Land Title Office in New Westminster, have them stamped there and then have them driven back. This form of registration is slow, expensive and involves unnecessary car trips. What our office does is E-File the transaction; which means we take your original signed documents; I sign the documents with an adobe digital signature and then have them uploaded to the BC Land Title Office via the provincial government’s BC Online Electronic Filing System. This service is faster, easier and more cost effective. The method of Efiling is not done by all Notary offices, but it is done by my office, David Watts Notary Corporation. If you are buying property or refinancing your mortgage, confirm your notary or real estate lawyer is Efiling.  If you have any questions about E-Filing or you are buying or selling a property please call 604.685.7786 or email: [email protected].

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