International & US Notary Public Services

Administering Oaths, Signatures in presence of Notary Public, Notarial Certified True Copies – International Documents and US Notary Public Service

Often people have forms which are required to be signed in the presence of a Notary Public. These forms can be for use in British Columbia as will as the rest of Canada and around the world. Examples of such forms include affidavits and statutory declarations for anything from confirming you attended a languarge school in Vancouver; to applying for a Marriage Licence in another country; or dealing with Land or Estate documents.

Often people need Notarial Certified True Copies of documents. Be sure to bring the original document.

When documents are for use outside of Canada, be sure to check with the consulate or embassy of the country you are dealing with to determine the requirements of that country. Some countries require documents to be notarized, some require authentication, and some require legalization in order to be used in that country.

US Notary Public Services

The process for notarizing documents for use in the United States of America can be complicated. Most States require that documents be authenticated by the Embassy or Consulate when they are signed by a notary public outside of the US. My signature is on file at the US Consulate in Vancouver. We can meet at my office to sign your documents; then you can take them to them to the consulte to have my signature authenticated. Alternatively, we can meet; and then I can take the documents to the US Consulate in Vancouver to have my signature authenticated; then you can pick them up at my office; or I can have them delivered as per your instructions. Appointments are required at the Consulate and this process may take days or weeks. Sometimes it is faster and more efficient to take the documents to Point Roberts or Blaine to be signed with a US Notary in the US yourself.

International Notary Public Services

The process for notarizing documents for use abroad depends on the Country where documents are to be used; and can be complicated. For all documents where a signature is required; we must also prepare a Form 10 – Certificate of Identity. For some countries, the document goes to the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia; where they will look up my signature; confirm it is authentic; and attach a certificate. For many countires; a further step is required which is to send the document from the Notary Society to the Provincial Goverment in Victoria; where the credentials of the Notary Society; as well as my signature are examined, and then a further certificate is attached by the Provincial Government. Sometimes the document then goes to that Country’s Consulate or Embassy for examination and legalization; before it can be sent back to the home country for use. Other times; the document must go to to the federal government in Ottawa were my signature is reviewed and confirmed by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. This process often takes up to 5 weeks; but we have an agent in Ottawa who can expedite the process for a fee.

We often supervise the process and delivery of authenticating and legalizing documents for our clients. It is important to allow lots of time; as this can be a slow process and requires the physical document to be delivered to various offices in different cities for the required authenticaiton and legalization.